Reinforcing The Corporate Culture


It’s been several years since I left my first employer. But each time I see them featured in the news, it gets me excited. This time was no different. A recent article in the Economic Times featured them as having one of the best corporate boards in the country. What got me more interested in the article was some of the best practices corporate boards are following to reinforce corporate culture. It is no secret that aligning organizational culture to business strategy results in improved performance, which is why every organization is working extremely hard on ‘getting it right’. But what is it that some are doing differently from the others is the million dollar question.

Invariably what differentiates the best from the rest is how seriously they take the seemingly routine or mundane activities. From using technology apps to sending out pre-reads before meetings, these organizations stressed on efficiency and performance improvement across levels. The power of feedback and peer review mechanisms on performance and behavioral development didn’t go unnoticed. Most of the organizations stressed on how board members were both formally and informally involved in coaching and mentoring the top brass. It was interesting and even amusing to know that 360 feedback systems for some organizations stressed on measures such as ‘airtime hogged during board meetings’.

Impromptu plant visits by board members, regular customer interactions and strategy & talent review mechanisms during board meetings stress on the spirit of continuous improvement and innovation. Apart from having technical and functional experts on boards, that some boards also reach out to strategy and innovation expert’s maybe explains how they are able to keep themselves ahead of the curve. While the spark of freshness is highly valued, equally striking was how organizations also value conservatism and believe in retaining the older members for maintaining a sense of continuity.

While the discussion on building corporate culture is a never ending one, what is of utmost relevance is how you can get your employees to reward to you with stellar performance and what could be a better way of achieving it than by setting an example at the top.

Niranjana Neelakantan

Consulting Manager – Organizational development